One could find several varieties of cordless devices like MOOSOO vacuum cleanerHowever, if you do not have an idea of buying one, it is better to think of the following before you buy.


The first thing to think about while looking for a vacuum cleaner is the company or the provider. If you buy a device from a low-quality company, it will be a waste of money. So, it is recommended to find a reliable supplier with experience in the industry. Since the majority of these suppliers are selling online, you have to be more careful.

Types of cordless vacuum cleaners

Although cordless vacuum cleaner is a sub-type of vacuum devices, there are even more different devices in this setup. It is necessary to know the different types of cordless vacuums to identify the best-suited one for your cleaning processes. Some of these types are as follows,

Upright cordless vacuums – These cordless vacuum cleaners would not have any wired cords for the power supply. However, they will be bulkier resembling such devices. You may find a detachable canister in this device.

Stick vacuum – As the name suggests, this type of cordless vacuum will contain a stick that you can use to hold and clean larger floor areas. However, you can convert these devices into a handheld system by removing the stick.

Cylinder vacuum – Instead of a plate-like bottom, there will be a cylindrical structure standing on wheels. You will also have a flexible tube to handle the device.

Once you decide on the desired type of cordless vacuum, you can get over to other factors of selection.


Another primary thing that will decide your purchase of a cordless vacuum is the pricing. Since there are more flexible options, cordless vacuums will cost more than a corded type. However, you could find some models with optimum pricing also. Depending on your budget, your choice can vary. But it is necessary to make sure that you do not fall for low prices as they would not be quality products. So, you should find a proper device at an optimal price.


After finalizing the budget, you can look for the various features available in the devices that come under your budget range. There will be several mandatory features that every vacuum cleaner should have. Apart from these, you can find special features that will be available in some cleaners alone. Some of these features are handheld mechanism, LED displays, swappable batteries, and much more. It is better to find a device with quality battery power and long life. Else, you will stop several times before cleaning at a stretch. There are several other factors to consider also to ensure that your battery is good. The runtime will tell you about the time for which you can use the vacuum cleaner. Charging time will indicate the time required to charge the battery. Likewise, you have to be sure about some of the features and information before buying a device.