For improved efficiency, every machine deserves proper care. You should not hesitate to do the same with your mod batteries. They can be very sensitive and one wrong move would mean waiting for a while before you can vape again. It is however unfortunate many people do not understand the care procedure and the tips to consider when using uwell vapes. The following are some useful tips that can help you batteries last longer and your device to function efficiently as expected.

Strictly use the right charger

There are very many different types of vapes in the world today. Each of these is availed with unique chargers that may make sharing tough. It is however very wrong to share these chargers considering they each have varying amount of power they are supposed to feed the mods. You can easily find yourself overcharging your device which jeopardizes its quality. If your charger gets spoilt or lost, go to the online stores to find its exact replacement from certified sellers you can rely on.  You should also keep off using old USB cables which can play a part in destroying your battery quality.

Use authentic batteries for replacements

Are your batteries lost, spoilt or blown? Well these are the common things that happen to mod batteries due to a number of reasons. Once you realize you need new batteries for your mod, check the various e-cigarette shops online and near you to see what they have to say and offer. Many at times you can get seduced by the fake batteries being sold in the market. Ensure you buy original batteries for you mod by shopping from sites that are credible or branded.

How do you carry your external batteries?

There are varying designs of vapes you will find being sold in the market today. All of these manufacturers have their own ideas of which batteries to use for their mod designs which is why you can get some modes having inbuilt while others come with external batteries. Carrying these batteries is highly sensitized since they can easily blow when carried in the pocket without precautions. Use the safe containers given to carry the batteries to avoid them from getting lost or exploding after mixing with your keys in the pocket.

Overcharging spoils your battery

It may seem like a good idea until you have to replace your batteries every time due to overcharging, batteries are made to store up to a certain amount of charge. You need to be present and observing the mod charge so you unplug it from the charge once it has reached its full capacity. By leaving itto charge for longer than necessary, you only reduce its quality to retain power and no one wants to keep recharging their mod batteries after every few minutes. Save yourself from the troubles and just give the device the necessary charge it needs to operate efficiently.