Nowadays everyone is concerned about saving the nature. Every aspect of the lifestyle is looked down upon to reduce the carbon footprint, and shopping must be no exception. This article lists some ways to shop sustainably in smart ways.

  1. Question your shopping habits

Before you think of adding more to the wardrobe, you need to ask yourself if that’s really necessary. When trying an item in the changing room, figure out the reason why do you need to buy it, the fabric and how it adds value to your wardrobe and how often you will wear it. If you don’t have answers to all these aspects, then it may not be worth to spend your money into this. You should buy items that you will wear again and again which makes you feel confident. Always include basics like a tee, jeans, shirt and a jumper.

  1. Second hand shops

If you love shopping, then you can visit the charity shops. You can buy second hand items to understand that no new fabrics are involved to make it and you won’t end up wasting it as well. This helps in saving money too. Never overlook the unique and wonderful stuff you may find at charity shops. You can also swap clothes with a friend.

  1. Always carry a tote bag with you when you’re out for shopping

When you use your own shopping bag, you are automatically cutting down on plastic usage in your life.

  1. Always buy clothes made of sustainable fibers

Prevent buying non degradable material like polyester, nylon, and materials which are made from toxic chemicals like viscose. Rather, you should invest in fabric like linen and organic cotton that makes use of less water in production instead of those non biodegradable counterparts. Or you can make a list of sustainable clothing brands and shop from them instead.

  1. Always do a due diligence on brands’ delivery and packaging methods

Always shop in person, despite online shopping being a convenient option. When buying from ecofriendly brands, they will surely be following ecofriendly delivery practices like multi drop services and recycled packaging. Additionally, always do your due diligence on the delivery methods of your favorite brand and leave them an email about their packaging practices.

  1. Clear your wardrobe on a regular basis

When inclined to sustainable living, clear your wardrobe, take out all your items and lay them out on your bed. Check what items you need which brings you joy, and get rid of those which you haven’t worn in less than a year no matter how many times you have tried this on. Add these items to the charity pile or for recycling.