Women’s slip-ons fit harmoniously into a summer shoe collection.

What are slip-ons? A type of comfortable, stylish and versatile shoe that has the following features:

  • Thick enough sole;
  • Rubber inserts for comfortable wear – easy and convenient to put on and take off;
  • No lacing.

The complex of the listed characteristics successfully prevents leg fatigue. However, you can appreciate all the charms of the model only after wearing it.

Women’s slip-ons: What and how to wear them?

The main advantage of this model is its versatility. Many looks can be created with this type of women’s flat shoes! Your main reference point is shape, model and colour.

In autumn, women’s platform slip-ons are especially popular. What to wear with? Under a coat, ripped jeans and even a leather jacket, such shoes are always appropriate. For cool, unclear weather, women’s leather slip-ons should be worn, which are relevant during an unstable off-season.

In summer, perforated models complement the look exquisitely, which allow the legs to breathe. They should be worn without socks.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try to wear women’s slip-ons with different clothes!

  1. How to wear slip-ons with a skirt? Suede and leather or textile models are perfectly combined with denim and knitted miniskirts.
  2. What else to wear with women’s slip-ons? An item that has already proven its practicality and timeliness is the shirt dress. Girls who prefer comfort can safely wear slip-ons with a shirt dress. You can add accessories to the look – it can be an original belt. In this combination, you can wear both solid-coloured women’s slip-ons, or opt for bright models with an original print.

Jeans are a great versatile option. What can I wear with white slip-on sneakers? One of the most stylish looks of this summer is a versatile white T-shirt, classic “boyfriends”, an original bag. Simple and perfect women’s bow!

What to wear with women’s slip-ons: Unusual images 

Now, take a closer look at more original versions of the outfit for work, walking, meeting friends, relaxing or having a party:

  1. Slip-ons with a floral print, what to wear with? Which model will make the image of a school? The most popular tandem is light plain dresses, an alternative is white tapered trousers.
  2. Leopard slip- on sneakers with what to wear? The choice of the brave. The most trending options are:
  • jumpsuit made of modern denim (bengaline jeans).
  • a skirt made of cotton-jeans material, which may have the effect of torn fragments;

It is also recommended for creating an image of a midi skirt in beige or brown shades, and the material can be quite dense (leather), in combination with an interesting sweatshirt.

What can I wear with shiny comfortable sandals for women?

Are you attracted by extraordinary images? Then you will be wondering: what to wear with women’s slip-ons, gold or silver? They go well with leggings, chiffon dresses, and also in combination with a light T-shirt, skinny light trousers and a bright cardigan.
You can recreate these and many other images by choosing the right clothes.