For a long time, people have been associating firearms with danger and panic. This norm has changed over the years, and people are embracing the use of firearms. Some acquire firearms for personal safety, business, and others for sport. People have found a new way to increase the security of their properties and items in their homes. They set aside a safe box to store the most sensitive documents and other items to keep them from reaching an unintended audience. A gun is one thing that needs to be out of sight until needed. Buying firearms has been made easy. Firearms stores have increased in numbers. However, for a successful operation of a firearms store, you need to acquire the following licenses:

Types Of Licenses to Choose When Starting a Firearm Business.

Like any other business, a firearms dealership requires the owner to meet both the state and the federal requirements. It is legal to apply for more than one license if your business requires it. You need to choose and apply for that license that is right for your business. Below is a list of licenses you need to be aware of before you establish your business.

     Type 01 FFL

Gunsmiths commonly used this license type. With it comes limitations that prohibit the manufacture of guns for sale and selling items like silencers.

     Type 02 FFL-Pawnbroker

Type 01 FFL and TYPE 02 FFL are similar except for pawnbrokers being allowed to accept guns as security on loans.

      Type 03 FFL- Collector of Relics and Curios

This license is available to those dealers that collect old guns. Generally, a firearm that’s at least 50 years old is considered curio and relic by the ATF. This license is not meant to facilitate buying and selling of guns. Instead, it assists in building a correction of old firearms.

     Type 06 FFL-Manufacture of ammunition for firearms

This type of license is specific and is meant for the building of ammo. This license will serve you well if you make ammo for resale and wish not to make anything else. But if you want to make both ammo and guns, getting a Type 07 will serve you well.

     Type 07 FFL- Manufacture of firearms and ammunition

This license gives you the freedom to make and sell ammo and guns. It is the most powerful license. It will cope with the growing popularity of shotguns, short barrel rifles, and silencers.

    Type 08 FFL- Importer of firearms and ammunition

This license will enable you to import guns and armor but, you cannot use it to import armor-piercing ammo or destructive devices.

Type 09 FFL- Dealer in destructive devices

Destructive devices are grenades, some exploding ammo, artillery, and certain types of semi-auto shotguns. This license favors bodies like government agencies, law enforcement, and military contractors. To own destructive devices, you need to acquire tax stamps and registration.


These are four FFL types categories: dealer FFL, manufacturer FFL, importer FFL, and others-collector. Depending on your business category, you can buy, sell, repair, or even manufacture firearms so long as you have the right license required.