The double bass, the cello, the viola, and the violin are stringed instruments used in different music styles. Besides choosing an inspirational string instrument, you will need to look through high-quality accessories. From bows and stands to cleaning supplies, you will discover a plethora of accessories that can enhance the sound, durability and playing experience. In this post, let’s discuss the essential accessories for string instruments and tips to use and purchase them.


You will need to upgrade the bow from beginner to intermediate, as you advance. At Schmitt music Denver shop, you can buy a high-quality bow with superior craftsmanship. It will help to enhance your instrument tone and playing technique. As bows are expensive, it is essential to take good care to avoid replacing them frequently.

Tips to extend bow life

  • Use rosin
  • Clean properly
  • Keep it away from humidity
  • Re-hair if needed
  • Adjust the tension


Time to replace the strings –

  • Visibly dirty
  • Find it hard to hold the pitch
  • After several months

You get three options – steel, synthetic, and gut core. If strings are purchased for the first time, then experiment with different gauge and brand. Soon you will discover the go-to strings.


Music-stand keeps music sheets in place when you play. Instrument-stands keep instrument safe, when not in use. Choose instrument-stand, which is sufficiently strong to support the instrument weight.


Strings instruments are designed from wood, so they are vulnerable to fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Humidifiers ensure that the instrument does not get too dry. They fit in the instrument case with ease. Even make sure to store the string instrument at room temperature. Never leave them in your car trunk or in areas where the temperature is too cold or too hot.


The good condition of your instrument allows giving a melodious performance. Cases help to store the instrument and maintain its good shape. You can easily carry the instrument in a case from one place to another. Your instrument gets protection, during transit. You get to choose from light-weight to carbon cases.

Cleaning supplies

The clean and maintained instrument looks wonderful.

  • After every use wipe the instrument gently with a smooth cloth
  • Once a week dust the instrument
  • Clean strings every month
  • Schedule regular maintenance at a professional music store

Other string accessories

The bridge transmits the strings vibration to a different structural component. The tailpiece hooks the strings. The shoulder rest & pads are attached to the backside of the instrument, so you can play comfortably.