The decision to get married is not easy to make, it is therefore correct to give you the deserved congratulations on your next move in life. When choosing to get engaged, the first step is determining whether the spouse you are proposing to is really worth it and second of all, you must purchase quality ring that you can propose with. In the market, you will get various types of engagement ring Singapore but a few factors will guide you to the best choice to go with and below are just but a few suggestions.

How much do you have?

This is obviously the first step to your engagement ring purchase. You need to ascertain whether you can really afford the type of ring that you want for your spouse. This means doing some research in the market to know how various engagement rings are charged and making an appropriate budget to use

Make purchase together

It might come to you as a surprise but there is no shame in making the selection with your spouse. This is to make sure they get what they like and even if you could cost share the price it could be a relief on your shoulders.