How to choose a dress according to your body? Each woman has a genetics which gives her morphology, her silhouette. It can be large, small, petite or square. Do you like certain models or types of clothes but you doubt they will fit you? Follow our tips and advice on how to choose a dress for different types of body.

The morphology, hourglass or X, is often considered to be the ideal silhouette. The shoulders and hips are the same width and therefore well proportioned. Women with such a build can afford to wear a wide variety of clothing. The hourglass morphology can be allowed several types of cuts and patterns.

What styles of dresses suit the hourglass body type? A woman with an hourglass figure can wear:

– A sleeveless dress made in a fairly heavy jersey

This style of dress envelops the body and shows all shapes. The dress will highlight the hips and shoulders.

– A dry cotton dress with large patterns

This dress gives volume to the body. The hourglass woman can wear stiff, colourful fabrics.

– A t-shirt

The t-shirt dress hugs all the shapes of the body. She hugs the hips a lot and isn’t forgiving if you have a bit of a stomach.

The oval-shaped morphology corresponds to the woman who has chest, buttocks and hips and who is often a size 42-44. Women, who have this morphology, often need to have their silhouette restructured by their clothes.

What styles of dresses suit the oval body type? A woman with an oval figure can wear:

A small cotton tunic

This dress is quite loose and wide. When you have an oval body, you should favour fine and fluid materials. You can choose fine cottons, muslins and soft silks.

With the tunic, the body disappears a little but the shoulders will be highlighted by the sleeves. The plastron and single button placket draw the eye to the centre and bottom of the dress.

The V-neckline lengthens the build and the neck. You can wear a beautiful colourful necklace to beautify the upper body.

A shirt dress

When choosing a shirt dress, be careful to choose the right size and not to take it too tight or too tight. Prefer a small open collar and single buttoning.

Do not take dresses with pockets on the hips and do not bring any volume on the stomach. Choose straight and understated cuts.

If the dress is short, wear high heels to lengthen your legs. You can accessorize the dress with a long coloured stole and cute sandals.

How to avoid missteps? Warning! Don’t venture to wear chunky designs or wear white sets.

Prefer gradations of tones rather than blocks of colours. Do not wear small belts at the waist but rather a wide belt below the chest, or a wide V-shaped belt that goes downwards.

Above all, do not wear tight, stretchy dresses. Here! Now you know what looks good on you if you have an oval figure.

Do not hesitate! The next time you go shopping, dare to let go by shopping for beautiful colourful accessories for your tunic dresses!

A huge amount of women’s shift dress awaits you. Long, straight tunics are wardrobe essentials to be feminine and elegant every day. Short petticoats with edges that go down to the ankles, each personality must put on their best outfit for the imminent spring outings.