Whenever you plan to buy any second-hand industrial machinery, it is crucial that you check the fluids, try to examine records and also inspect both inside and out for any signs of wear, prior damage or neglect etc.

All of these may affect vehicle’s performance for going forward or you may have to contact Payeur.Com for repair.

Here is what you need to look for:

  • Inspect the fluids

One of important indicators of knowing how well a used heavy equipment was maintained over time and also its current performance potential and operating condition will be the fluid quality of the equipment.

Check condition of the following:

  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Transmission fluid
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Check pre-consumed operating hours

While buying used truck or car, it is crucial to check mileage odometer. Similarly, with any old used construction machine, you must consider number of hours the piece of machinery must have been under use.

Any machinery that will run on diesel engine, high pre-consumed operating hours may impact its value.

  • Study maintenance records

For verifying the reliability of any used construction machinery and equipment, you must see the record of maintenance of the machine that you want to purchase. Thus, you will have more solid idea about how machine was treated by old owners.

You can learn:

  • Fluid-change intervals
  • Past maintenance frequency
  • Occurrences of any major problems
  • Examine for any evidence of wear

Signs of performance and usage history can be easily found along front, sides, tires conditions. Though wear is visible to certain extent on the equipment which has previously used, the depth and extent of such wear will indicate whether the machine was properly maintained.

  • Analyze engine exhaust

For sensing the vehicle’s potential, you must power the engine to experience all the vibration and sounds it makes. Whether your engine is warm or cold, you can know about prior handling by what you hear or feel and also by checking the engine’s exhaust

  • Inspect the cab

By looking at the condition of driver area you can know much about how the last owner cared for his vehicle.

Things that you need to check for any industrial vehicle will include:

  • Sticks, working pedals and dashboard features
  • Steering and functional seat adjustment
  • Clean and intact condition of upholstery
  • Try before buying

While buying used industrial vehicle, you must give it test drive and also check its capabilities. If you’re buying a loader, tractor or excavator, there must be pile of rubble close by that you can test to get a proper feel for the performance of vehicle.