Velcro is a hook and loop fastener, trademarked by Velcro BVBA, that makes attaching a patch to a piece of cloth really simple task.  Most Velcro patches are the iron-on kind which is the quickest way to attach a patch.

Velcro patches by Houston embroidery service

Houston embroidery service manufactures good quality, affordable patches. Their best part is the quick delivery they offer. Velcro is a hook and loop kind of patch; it consists of two strips, one of them containing the J-kind hook and the other one a tiny loop. These patches are best for those who need to switch patches; the Velcro fasteners make switching so easy and handy. Velcro fasteners are easy to attach using a sewing machine; in fact, they also provide fasteners that don’t require sewing; those are the iron-on patches. Once the loop side is attached to the cloth (whether by sewing or iron) it won’t fall, and this is a one- time task to be done.

The patch design is on the j-hook side, and once the loop is attached, you can switch patches easily by putting different j-hooks in the same loop.

Why Velcro?

Velcro is top quality fasteners that fix with your jacket, hat, etc. And you can change the beautifully embroidered patches as per the requirements. Fixing the loop is easy, and the fasteners would hold the patch for as long as you want and then peeling them is easy too.

Velcro patches by Houston embroidery service are made with the latest Japanese technology to produce good quality patches while keeping the production cost minimum. The service by the embroidery house is doubtlessly good, and they take utmost care of consumer satisfaction. The embroidery house also provides custom Velcro patch service, with the help of Houston team customization of your patch is easy and the patches received are as per the expectations.