Slime is a sticky mixture, commonly made from white glue, borax, food coloring, and water. Slime is neither wholly solid nor liquid; it is a non-Newtonian fluid as it can ooze like liquid and stay on its own like a solid. Children enjoy playing with slime, from complete slime boxes to individual slime toys.

The good thing is that playing with slime increases creativity and enhances focus. However, you shouldn’t get any random slime for your kids; there are important tips you need to be aware of before buying slime. In this article, we’ll share the key factors to consider to help you get the best slime for your kids.

Here are important things to keep in mind before buying slime for kids:

The Safest Types of Slime

Different types of slime are made with different recipes. So, while they may all look and feel the same, slimes do vary. Some slime types are even unsafe for kids to play with based on their ingredients.

Most slime is made with Borax, a chemical used in disinfectants and soaps. While Borax is generally not harmful to our health, there is a maximum safety limit. Slime toys with over 300 mg/kg of Boron (the chemical element of Borax) may not be considered safe for your kids. Exposure to excess levels of Boron can lead to irritation and burns, especially in kids.

This is why you should check the components of a slime toy before you get it for your kid. If the Boron content exceeds the safety limit, you shouldn’t buy it for your child.

Is There an Age Limit for Playing with Slime?

Not all kids should play with slime, as much as all kids love it. Kids of six years and above can play with slime. It is unsafe for younger kids to play with slime because they can easily put their hands in their mouths. Many slime toys have tiny accessories that younger kids may mistakenly ingest. This can cause several health issues, so it’s better to avoid buying such varieties of slime.

Generally, kids should play with slime under the supervision of an adult. This is to avoid mistakes that can harm their health, like getting slime-stained hands in their eyes.

DIY or ready-made slime?

As the name implies, DIY slimes involve making the slime yourself. On the other hand, ready-made slimes don’t require any preparation. Your choice of slime depends on your kid’s preference and time availability.

You can go for DIY slime if you have enough time to make slime with your kid. It is worth noting that slime ingredients should not be replaced or omitted. You should make slime according to the kit or slime box instructions.

Where to buy

Most slime shops sell it online; you can simply visit their website to make your pick. A reputable, experienced slime company will never sell low-quality or unsafe slime to customers. So, it’s important to check the reviews on their website before you buy the product.


Slime toys boost kids’ attention spans and help them have fun. To get a wide variety of slime for kids, head over to our website now!