With the increasing amount of formal socializing in personal settings in society, high teas are becoming more popular. There is no time for a dinner party every week. People have to maintain social ties with several groups of friends. Work friends, old friends, new friends… life is too busy. Brunches are way too informal for some people. They like to limit brunches to very close friends. This is why an aesthetic high tea set is a must-have in any adult’s home.

How to Choose

Choosing a tea set for high tea parties is not difficult when the buyer knows what they are looking for. Here is a way to simplify the process of choosing.


The most important thing is to choose the correct material. Porcelain tea sets are the most popular, and they are pretty. But if the party is for a more sophisticated crowd, silverware is a good option. Glazed or unglazed ceramic works anytime. Wooden sets are a bold choice, but they are very difficult to maintain. Porcelain or ceramic works in most cases.


Modern designs have subtle color patterns, while the Cottage core aesthetic returns to floral prints. Geometric shapes might seem wise, but they make the set look less sophisticated. They are okay for individual coffee cups. Pastel shades with a rich gold or silver lining are the classic style for a high tea set.


The size of the teapot is standard and can be bigger than that. But the cups are usually small. Huge tea cups are not a part of a high tea, traditionally speaking. Also, the milk pot and sugar bowl need to be a part of the set. A good tea set will also come with matching spoons or stirrers.


The cookie stands, table mats, plates, and serving tongs complete the tableware for a high tea. Everything needs to be in sync. Once the aesthetic is fixed, one must focus on buying complementing pieces for these assortments.

The best high tea sets will come with everything that is needed. But some don’t, and it is okay. Simplistic golden or bronze sets are in. Metallic black or white is in. These colors never go out of fashion. It is always a good choice.


For people who pride themselves in being unique, bold colors like red or green can work. It all comes down to the personality one wants to convey through this tea party. There is no right or wrong answer here. The only thing to remember is that the entire set should look like it belongs.


The cups, pot, table mats, coasters, glasses for water, everything should look good together. It is very easy to tell the difference when there is tableware from two different sets. Two sets can be aesthetically put together, and it’s okay if they don’t look mismatched. They need to look deliberate. With these tips, anybody is ready for a formal high tea with the perfect high tea set.