Before picking any of the Suzie’s CBD Treats for your dog, you need to know the following so that you do it right:

Don’t purchase a CBD oil product without checking out the COA – certificate of analysis

Check out the COA – certificate of analysis containing the results for laboratory testing of the CBD oil. The certificate should ideally show high CBD amounts and no traces of THC. If you cannot find a COA on the sellers website, they you should move to another site. CBD brands that are legitimate don’t have anything to hide.

Pick a product which has no THC that can be detected

While the CBD from the hemp needs to contain low THC that is under 3%, it is strongly recommended that you buy a product which doesn’t have any detectable THC on the analysis certificate. Dogs are known to react differently as compared to humans and although the under 3% might never make a human being to become high, small trace amounts of the THC can have small animals to have negative side effects. The information should be viewed on the COA.

Purchase any hemp product that is organic

To buy organic tends to matter more for particular plants. Due to the fact that the hemp has the ability of pulling toxins from the soil, thus to choose organic product is very important. In case the product isn’t organic, you should skip it and go for a better option.

Price which is low might be a warning

If the CBD oil price is very low as compared to others, chances are that, the company might be cutting its corners as far as quality is concerned or it could be having a low amount of CBD.

Check out the products labeled hemp oil only

Most manufacturers tend to skirt the regulations by going ahead and avoiding to place the CBD term on the product label, and calling their product that it is hemp oil. If you cannot be in a position of verifying the amount of CBD which is in the hemp product, you should avoid buying it. The information needs to be verified and should be on the COA of the seller.


You should also be aware of the Hemp oil with CBD and the term the Hemp seed oil. Most medium accept the hemp seed oil as long as the CBD is in it. But the hemp seed oil as a standalone doesn’t have any therapeutic of the CBD. Use this guide to ensure that you get the right CBD treat for your dog.